The dawn of data stars hackathon 2023

27 – 28 September 2023 Rhodes High School will be concluding its five-week Python training with a Python Hackathon, centered around emotion classification. Over the past weeks, students have been introduced to various aspects of Python, thanks to our collaboration with SoloLearn and CodeX. The upcoming hackathon serves as a practical application where students will focus on the task of … Read More

BRICs Astronomy Working Group Hackathon 2023

18 – 19 October 2023 We are excited to announce a 2-day Data Science Hackathon that will take place after two days of BAWG conference science meetings. This hackathon will provide participants with the opportunity to apply machine learning techniques to solve a data-intensive challenge in the field of astronomy. To support their work, we will utilise the advanced South … Read More